Two Percent is part of the Readen Holding Corporation Group Portfolio a member of the New York OTC specialising in identifying companies that can benefit our shareholders.

Two Percent is an Online Luxury Fashion retailer for the Asian market based in Hong Kong. Two Percent Hongkong is your number one source for all luxury brands in Fashion, Beauty Products and Luxury Accessories . We're dedicated to connecting you our customers with the best creators of luxury goods, our focus being on dependability, customer service all combined with affordable prices .

With 51.6 million active users Two Percent is already established in the Chinese market-a benchmark European Groups can only dream of.

All the products sponsored on our website are 100% ORIGINAL, LABELLED AND NEW with the guarantee of our suppliers that are exclusively well known established brands

Two Percent as a Partner has been selected by them for the online resale of their clothing stock to a Global Market of their brands particulalrly in Asia distributing products directly to Millions of registered customers from all over Asia who have chosen Two Percent as their online shop offering fashionable products, at discounted prices and always delivered as quickly as possible.

Our strengths towards our customer are:

• Careful Customer service to customer needs

• Shipping throughout Asia

• Wide selection of products and brands

• Discounts from 50% to 80% from the retailer price

• User-friendly and intuitive web platform

Two Percent is a B2C Marketplace specialized in designer outlet clothing, jewelry and cosmetics to over more than 51 million registered customers. We always select our products with the utmost care to guarantee our customers authentic and competitive products.